The Performance and Value Leader In Electric Vehicles!

ZEV is what you get when you let the engineers design vehicles for themselves.  The Wright brothers were designers of bicycle before they designed airplanes.  ZEV engineers were designers and builders of airplanes before designing motorcycles and scooters.   Expect a difference from ZEV

ZEV is a USA manufacturer with the USA VIN sequence 1Z9--354---.

We are the oldest electric motorcycle or scooter manufacturer in the world (started in 2006 and with continuous production under the same name and factory VIN number since 2008).

We have the largest line of road legal electric motorcycle, motor scooter, trikes, and motorbikes, in the world.

ZEV is a group of hard core aerospace and mechanical engineers and business people that banded together to prove they could outflank, out design, and out perform everyone else in the alternative fuel vehicle market.  We are all racers and designers of spacecraft, motorcycles, rockets, race cars, race boats, (UAV) unmanned drone aircraft, and piloted aircraft. High performance and sophisticated engineering is spoken here.  Our senior management (+30 years) is internationally experienced, with numerous start ups and Fortune 500 operations on their resume.  Senior management spent over thirteen weeks a year on the road in the factories of suppliers for both ZEV and for the corporate customers who hire ZEV to design their electric vehicles and manage their production.  We all firmly believe that electric vehicles are the fuel and environmental solution

We believe that the way to change the world is to build world changing products. We are the guys that irk the huge companies.  We like to show up at the races with our small shop built bike and take home the trophy.

ZEV engineers are part of the same engineering group hired by other larger companies to tell them how to make their electric vehicles or hired to design the electric vehicles.  Our engineers are the same engineers building the electric motors and controllers for high altitude military aircraft projects.  In fact, we use the internals parts right out of our standard cycle and scooter hub motors to create the aircraft systems.  Our engineers are also the same building high altitude generators, evaluating the technologies and suppliers for battery and solar cells for those specific programs.

ZEV USA is a USA operation with design, prototype, test and demonstration facilities in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia USA.

We ship all over the world. Now in 26 country.   Fifteen government awards already hang on our walls for International Export Sales, with more in process.


Our assembly for all country (except India and China) is in the USA.  We make components in both the USA and China.  We do some sub assembly in China of some components for shipment for the final assembly in the USA to cut shipping costs of components.  Skilled aircraft mechanics are the back bone of our assembly workers in the USA. In India, ZEV has set up a final assembly shop for delivery in India only. 

Our testing operations are conducted in the mountains of WV., western Md, and the Pa. back roads.  Our test riders run long steep mountain grades, rough roads, sub zero and +90 degree temperature, high humidity, and through lots of rain to put our vehicles to the test.   It is in effect our own test track at our door step and the rough terrain of our location that reflect in the characteristics of our bikes.  This is no place for little putt about bikes without range or power, or carrying ability, or durability.

Our vehicles are hand assembled, test driven on the road several times before ever being shipped and run through charging cycles to proof and test the bikes and chargers as much as possible before going to customers.   

We are unique in that we do not use indoor stationary dyno to test our bikes. We put them on the rough roads and steep inclines of WV and run them. Dynos do not show what happens when bikes run down rough roads, hit potholes, and survive cold, rain, heat.  Other company put their bike on the dyno once, then ship.  Every ZEV goes on the road 3 times before shipping.

Other company charge up the battery with in house chargers, not the one you will use.  After their dyno test, then they charge with the charger you will receive.  We charge the bike 3 times with the actual charger that you will receive with your bike to make as sure as possible that your bike is really, fully tested in the way you will use it.  This is a more labor intensive, higher cost way of making the bikes, but the only safe and sure way for customer satisfaction.

We have historically been the leaders in power, range, and speed.  Our dual stator motors are the first in production in the industry.  No one else in the world gets as much range per kwh of battery capacity nor speed per kw of power.

We practice a no frills, low overhead, approach to operations that lets us slash our overhead compared to any other company.  There is nothing fancy about our factory.  That lets us consistently beat all other company prices at a given comparison point.  The best for less.  The value leader.                       __________________________________________________