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7.3 Kw (7300 Watts) of peak power

MSRP $6549

The S-6100 will run 101 kmph / 61-64 mph speeds with the rider sitting upright from a 1/4 mile / .4 km standing start.   

Drag Start Acceleration Demo Video

 Quicker acceleration than any Japanese 250 cc road motorcycles and scooters in on track comparison testing (with exception of Kawasaki Ninja 250).  This means you can easily outrun cars at traffic lights to stay with the flow.

More hill climbing ability than any other electric motor scooter on the market with the standard speed motor.  

Best warranty in the industry.  Two years versus the competition's two months.

Speed - 101 kph / 62 mph

****All comparison information taken directly from competitor websites and sales brochures and from letters from their staff

Range - depends upon terrain, weather, and carrying load.  Our range is measured on flat land under SAE  standard conditions.  

                         - 54 miles at 50 mph

                           - 72 miles at 28 mph

                         - 84 miles at 12 mph

***In full power range tests with two 185 lb riders the bike was driven on an airport in repeated 1/4 mile drag races for 16 miles at 100% full power and speed before the battery was drained. 

Commuter owners are riding 20 miles one way at 60-65 mph.

Curb Weight   - 340 lbs / 154 kg

Gross Weight - 759 lbs / 345kg

Passenger and load carrying allowance - 419 lbs

3.48 Kwh lithium battery capacity.


Customer Statements

"Thanks for getting the 6100 to me here on Oahu. It's a blast to ride" (Albert A)  

"70.2  wH/mile, 37.5 miles, 4200  elev change, 36.9AH, 58.3mph max, 31.8mph avg, beautiful ride and a  whole lot of fun on a twisty mountain road."

"As Fall starts ----, I look back on this season of riding 2700 trouble free miles on my ZEV 6100. It has been a blast".  (BJ)

"4300 miles and still going strong. No noticeable battery capacity loss and ride is still great."   "Update - over 5100 miles, and still rides great"



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