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To 15 kw Continuous Output



  • All wheels lean in a corner.
  • The ultimate in cornering grip, braking, and general stability to cope with slippery or rough conditions. 
  • No tendency to tip or lift a wheel in turns. 
  • The bike can be leaned at high angles just like a two wheeled motorcycle/scooter.

The ZEV LRC has become well known, respected, and regarded as the top performing electric motor scooter in the world. Constant work on brakes, handling, range, and speed have made it the world class leader.  

Now, based on customer request, we have introduced the ZEV LRC trike after several years of testing and tweaking.  The goal was to offer more all road "sure footed" handling and to make it easier for a broader segment of the population to ride.  

  • All controls including the brakes are on the hand.  All hand brakes, no foot brake allows more people to be able to ride
  • The bike is fitted with a parking brake. 
  • The bike will stand upright when stopped once the upright control lock has been engaged. 
  • This is a tilting/leaning design where all wheels lean going through a turn.  In this style trike design, the inside of the turn front wheel does not lift and break traction as on non leaning trike designs.
  • The bike is fitted with reverse to aid handling and enable backing up on the motor power alone.
  • In some USA states such as California and some European country, a trike does not require a motorcycle license and can be driven on a car license.  In other states, taking the license test on a trike causes the State to offer the test on a larger course with more room with more leeway to pass the test.

LRC-T15   The standard bike is 15 kw power -- (with an option for an 11 kw power to meet European country rules for power in a trike to drive without a motorcycle license in some country, or with an A license).

     LRC - T15 -- Introductory price of $13,990

LRC-T6  The standard LRC T15 has a 10 kwh battery pack using 28 cells of 100 ah each.  For those riders that do not need the long range of the T15, the T6 model using 28 cells of the smaller 60 ah battery cells is available at a lower cost.  While less battery capacity reduces the vehicle price and range, it does not reduce the speed or acceleration.

                                  LRC -T6 Introductory price of $9,900

The ZEV LRC-T 15 Trike offers:

  • Range of 125 miles at 55 mph
  • Range of 70 miles at 70 mph
  • Top speed 78 mph
The ZEV LRC-T 6 offers:
  • Range of 100 miles at 55 mph
  • Range of 50 miles at 70 mph
  • Top speed of 78 mph

Each wheel has its own independent suspension for maximum road grip. Each wheel has its own brake.  The front two brakes are interlinked.

  • Ready to drive curb weight of 516 lbs.
  • Wheelbase 66.15 inches.
  • Tire size.   130/60-13 Rear, 120/70-12 Front
  • Ground Clearance  3 inches.
  • Front wheel track  25 inches.

The design offers a width of trike still legal for lane splitting between cars at only 4 inches wider than the standard LRC. 

We use the same brilliant LED headlights as used in the ZEV M-S Motorcycle. These cut electric consumption when the lights are on from 110 watts to 20 watts.

The rear of the LRC trike is the same as the standard LRC offering the same taillights, large seat, huge under seat storage area, and comfort.

The hand control at the bottom of the left hand grip is the suspension lock for the bike to set upright when stopped or parked.  This must be locked and  or released by hand.  There is no automatic release.  The system is pure mechanical in nature.           ZEV does not use any electrics, hydraulics, or pumps in the front suspension.  The system is designed to be a pure mechanical system to eliminate complexity, cost, and to increase reliability and to make the bike feel like a standard motorcycle in the turns.

The LRC-T has an extremely rigid and strong chassis.


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