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 S-3600 L


3600 L (Lead/Silcone Battery) cost fighter.

MSRP $4205

The ZEV3600 was designed with two goals in mind.

          -To be the best and most powerful low cost electric scooter available. 

          - To meet the requirement of the law in those states and countries that have special allowances for two wheeled motor vehicles under 5 hp.  (i.e. no motorcycle license required.  Often called a Moped law)  The 3600 has 4.83 hp.  (Some states have even lower power rules for the Moped law of between  1.5 and 2 hp.  For those states ask about our low power version of the ZEV 2700)

For the customers who cannot benefit from this 5 hp Moped specific law, the higher power ZEV4100 is recommended)

The ZEV3600 L is is a true high performance motor scooter with 3600 watts of output power. 

Speed              - 81 kph / 50 mph

Range - depends upon terrain, weather, and carrying load.  Our range is measured on flat under SAE standard conditions.                       

                              - 25 miles at 48 mph

                         - 45 miles at 40 mph

                           - 60 miles at 28 mph

                         - 70 miles at 12 mph

Customers who drive the bikes daily have posted reports on forums that they are driving 45 miles between charging.

Curb Weight   - 284 lbs / 129 kg

Gross Weight - 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike plus load)

click on  for a short movie by the Pennsylvania Parks system about the 3600.

Current shipping time:

Two weeks if on dealer floor.

Within the range of 80-110 days if factory direct. 

What makes the L different from other bikes is the use of Lead Silicate batteries instead of Lithium (or Lead Acid) batteries. 

The Silicate lead battery used by ZEV are a completely different battery than the old lead sulfuric acid battery.

• They have only about 10% of the internal resistance of the old sulfuric acid battery. This allows these batteries to be charged in ½ the time of normal lead acid battery.
• The discharge ability is much better allowing rapid vehicle acceleration with up to 4.5 times the ability to discharge without damage.

• There is little or no temperature increases during charging or discharging.
• The battery is far less sensitive to temperature being able to work normally at -50 C.
• The battery has no memory.

• The electrolyte is the ultimate green battery fluid as it can be used as a fertilizer.
• The shelf life is in excess of 12 months without losing charge. So an unused vehicle does not run itself down.
• The battery are non explosive.
• The battery can be recharged at high currents of .8 to 1 C.

• High discharge rates are not a problem given the low internal resistance.
• There is no acid mist produced by charging.
• The battery can be fully deep charged through over 500 cycles
• The energy storage to weight ratio is about 24% better than lead acid.
• The battery plates do not sulfate and destroy the battery.

       ****All comparison information taken directly from competitor websites and sales brochures and from letters from their staff 



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