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How To Buy

1) Check to make sure you are getting all the rebates for your area. 

Check out our buyer incentives page for full details.

2) Check for a dealer in your region. 

GENERAL SALES - Contact us to locate a dealer for your area, or to arrange factory direct shipments right to your home.

ZEV is looking for dealers around the world. If you are interested in becoming a dealer please contact

Don't worry if there isn't a dealer in your area, you can still buy your bike factory direct. ZEV can currently ship a bike to your front door anywhere in the world. 

In areas where we do not have a dealer, we use other brands of bike dealers to do service under warranty or as needed.  The bikes are so simple, its no problem.

Factory orders run a two week to 100 day delivery delay depending on current production and demand.  Check with our sales staff for current delivery times. 

Contact our sales staff at:

or call the sales desk at 1-304-291-3843 between the hours of 9-6 PM EST, Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9-12.

Test rides

Test Rides are currently available at all of our dealers and at our test sites in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania and Morgantown, West Virginia. If you decide to purchase one of our motorcycle or scooter, we will pay for your plane ticket or auto gasoline (up to 8% of total purchase).  Come and drive. Meet the people behind the brand, talk to the engineers. We will meet you at the airport in Pittsburgh. Contact our sales staff to arrange a test drive. 

3) Pick your color. 

There are 10 Standard Colors.  (see photos of sample colors at page bottom)

  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Jet Black
  • Arctic White
  • Luxury Silver
  • Racing Red
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Bright Pink
  • Vibrant Lime Green
  • Brilliant Orange

However, there are 83 colors in our color chart. Custom color selection is available by request for an additional $250. 

All bikes are painted a solid color unless special ordered otherwise.   The cost would need to be determined based on the complexity of your selection.

4) Pick your options

See our accessories page for options.


Prices for each of the vehicles is listed on the respective vehicle description pages.  Shipping from our distribution points to you is not part of the price stated.  This will vary, but usually runs between $200 and $550 within the Continental USA depending on bike size and weight and shipping distance. Contact our sales staff for a quote.

Purchase terms are 50% down at time of ordering, the balance due before shipping.  No vehicle will ship until the funds clear. Orders can be canceled, but a 30% restocking fee will apply. The balance of the purchase price is due within 15 days of notification of the bike intended ship date and the bike is in shipping prep.


All ZEV models over 6100 watts in power have chargers that require 20 amp breakers in your home breaker box.  20 amp is the normal for most homes, but some old homes built before about 1950 may still have screw in breakers or sub 20 amp breakers.  You will need an electrician to wire in a 20 amp breaker for older homes.  All 20 amp circuits used for charging should not have any other devices on the circuit which pull high current such as any kitchen appliances, air conditioners, fans, or TV.


JET BLACK                    BRILLIANT BLUE           MATTE BLACK


PINK                                 RACING RED                LUXURY SILVER






Phone 304 - 291- 3843